Height, Width, Length

  • Weight: 25 lbs free, $0.11 per lb above 25 lbs
  • Dimensional Weight: Whichever is greater, actual weight or dimensional weight, will be charged:
    (DIM Factor is 175 : Height x Length x Width = Y — Y divided by 175 = dimensional weight)
  • Attempted Delivery: 100% of original charges, additional charges may apply to re-attempt delivery.
  • Attempted Pick-up: 50% of the Original Charges for pickups within Santa Clara County. 75% for pick ups outside of Santa Clara County. $35 minimum charge for attempted pick ups.
  • Re-attempt Delivery: Rates vary depending on pick-up and delivery location.
  • Re-direct or Address Correction: $5 minimum, $1 per mile after 5 miles from original address.
  • Sharp Pick up/Delivery Time: $25 fee when it is requested to pick up or delivery within a 15 min window.
  • 2nd Stop: $20 (To qualify as a 2nd Stop, the 2nd delivery must be within 2 miles of first delivery)
  • Wait Time: First 15 minutes free, after 15 minutes a rate of $60 per hour will be charged for the full time spent waiting.
  • Load Time: First 15 minutes free, after 15 minutes a rate of $60 per hour will be charged for the full time spent loading.
  • Special Location/Area: $15 (ie: schools, hospitals, construction sites, convention centers, rural areas)
  • Residential (pick-up and/or delivery): $7.50 fee
  • Stairs (12 steps = flight): $5 per flight of stairs. 3-11 steps will be charged as 1 flight of stairs. Applies to deliveries over 10 lbs.
  • Lift Gate: $20 per location required (ie: pick up and/or delivery location)
  • 2nd Man: $60 per hour for 2nd man with a $60 minimum.
  • Bridge Tolls: Cost of Toll ($8-$9.75 each toll)
  • Parking (metered parking excluded): Cost of parking lot/garage.
  • Out of Pocket (Fees paid by Gold Rush Express): Client will be charged full amount GRE paid out of pocket, plus 20% of that total)
  • Print/Fax documents: GRE will print or receive via email/fax, up to 5 pages with no additional charges. If above 5 pages, a charge of $0.25 per page will be charged for each page printed.

Limits of Liability:
Gold Rush Express Delivery is liable for a maximum value per shipment of $100.00, unless the Shipper declares a value in excess of $100.00 at the time the order is placed or before pick up is made. Gold Rush Express will make an excess value transportation charge of $2.00 for each additional $100.00 of value, or fraction of, indicated by the shipper.

In no event will Gold Rush Express be liable for more than $10,000.00 for any single shipment.

For rates of other charges such as Debris Removal, Packing and Packaging, and White Glove deliveries, please call our office today, 408-292-7300, for more information.