Gold Rush Express Delivery - We Care

Company Profile

Gold Rush Express Delivery is a family corporation, which started its operations in March of 1987 in the San Jose, CA.area. Frank Dicker, Sr., son JR Dicker and wife/mother Donna Dicker were the initial corporate partners. Today both Frank Sr. and Donna have semi-retired and JR Dicker is the Pres./CEO. JR’s daughter, Rachelle, has worked by his side officially for over 16 years. Although, she also has experience acting as co-pilot in the early days of the company..

Because we continue to operate as a family corporation we have held onto the values you place on customer service which other companies tend to lose at some point. With Gold Rush Express Delivery you always have the ability to speak with the top person unlike other companies, who would not let you go further than the Dispatch Dept.

Frank Sr. brought his 32-year banking career to the company along with Donna’s education experience and Masters degree. JR Dicker was pulled away from an operations/sales position at a local fastener company. Prior to this he served in the US Marines. JR now leads the company and is a board member of the California Delivery Assn.

Our Mission Statement

“We will attain a reasonable return for our shareholders without sacrificing quality, customer satisfaction, safety, or the interests of our employees. We will establish ourselves as a leader within our industry through our outstanding customer service. While we also strive for reasonable growth we will not grow at the risk of lowering Customer Satisfaction.”

Our Service Reflects Your Business

We provide a “brokered delivery” service that daily covers the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Monterey Bay Areas. Since we approach the industry from a “brokers” position our services and delivery options are open-ended.

When our customers want specific services at tailored rates we use our many options to find a way to accommodate our customers. We, currently, have customers that started using our services from day one. Today’s customer list includes some of the who’s who of a diversified list of industries including, banking, payroll, CPA’s, law, technology and manufacturing. As members of the California Delivery Association you are guaranteed that we maintain all necessary licenses and insurance packages.

Exceeding Your Expectations – Expert Courier Services on time. On demand. On schedule.