Our specialized medical delivery services are designed to meet the unique needs of highly-regulated healthcare businesses and comply with all industry regulations and standards. We have the highest level of operational security, process controls and tracking systems to ensure your packages are delivered on-time and securely so that you can continue providing high quality patient care.


We a wide range of delivery solutions for medical samples, documents, records and other material such as:

  • Specimens & Samples 
  • CGT Shipments
  • X-rays & Imaging Films 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Medical Supplies & Equipment 
  • Patient Records and Documents

Our team of highly trained professionals are experts at delivering items quickly, safely, securely, and on time. We take the uncertainty out of medical deliveries by providing real-time tracking and proof of delivery. We have dry ice onsite and the ability to store medical supplies at our facility so we have them on hand, ready whenever you need them delivered.


Whether your delivery is for a lab, pharmacy, medical equipment provider, hospital, or directly to/from a patient’s home, our staff will get it there when you need it!

medical courier training

What Is A Medical Courier?

A medical courier is a professional delivery driver who specializes in transporting sensitive healthcare materials. Medical couriers must have knowledge of state and federal regulations regarding the transportation of medical materials as well as protocols for handling and delivering them.


At Gold Rush Express, we have highly trained medical couriers who adhere to the highest safety standards and regulations. Our drivers are able to provide OSHA- and HIPAA-compliant delivery services for any type of medical material including pharmaceuticals, samples, lab specimens, patient records, and more.

How to Deliver Medical Supplies

We understand the importance of following all safety protocols when delivering medical supplies. We use a variety of methods to ensure safe and secure delivery, including the use of dry ice to maintain proper temperatures for sensitive items.


We also provide photographic proof of pick-up and delivery, as well as GPS monitoring services for deliveries, so that you can track your shipment in real time and trust that it is handled with care.

Medical Courier Requirements

In order to ensure the transportation of medical materials is done safely, couriers must have knowledge of all relevant regulations and protocols. We ensure that any driver delivering medical supplies is properly trained and informed on all necessary safety protocols, including OSHA and HIPAA regulations.

Our Medical Delivery Services Across Silicon Valley

As a versatile general and medical courier business, Gold Rush Express offers medical delivery services throughout Silicon Valley. We provide reliable same-day and routed medical supplies delivery services to accommodate your needs.

“In the medical courier service industry, time is of the essence”, says Rachelle Dicker, General Manager & Account Manager here at Gold Rush Express. “We understand the critical nature of our deliveries and the impact they have on patient care. That’s why we prioritize speed, reliability, and security in every aspect of our operations.”

Medical Supplies Delivery

Whether you need a one-time medical equipment courier or someone to regularly deliver medical supplies like samples, Gold Rush Express can deliver.

Medical Equipment Delivery

Need reliable medical equipment delivery? Our experienced drivers can safely and securely transport medical equipment of all sizes, including:

  • X-ray machines 
  • Surgical instruments 
  • Blood testing equipment 
  • Medical imaging systems 
  • IV bags and supplies  
  • Patient monitors
  • Wheelchairs and other mobility aids

Medical Sample Courier

Gold Rush Express offers medical sample delivery services for hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and laboratories. Our drivers are trained to safely transport all types of medical samples and specimens while maintaining proper temperatures. We will provide refrigerated coolers, dry ice, and other supplies necessary to keep your samples stable during delivery.

Pharmaceutical Courier Services

Gold Rush Express is committed to providing fast, safe, and reliable medical delivery services to facilities and patients across Silicon Valley. When it comes to delivering pharmaceuticals and medications, we follow strict safety protocols to ensure that all medications arrive intact and at the proper temperature.

Same Day Meds Courier

Need same day delivery of prescription medications or pharmaceutical supplies? Our medical couriers can deliver medications and medical supplies within a few hours across Silicon Valley. Just let us know where the delivery is coming from and going to, and we’ll handle the rest.

Medical Records Courier

Our drivers are trained to safely transport patient files, X-rays, and other sensitive medical documents. We offer secure document delivery services and GPS tracking to protect patient privacy.

Lab Delivery Services

Our laboratory courier services include the delivery of blood and urine samples, tissue samples, and other biological materials. We maintain proper temperatures for all specimens with dry ice and provide documentation of secure delivery to give you peace of mind.

Locations We Serve

Gold Rush Express will transport medical supplies to facilities and patients throughout Silicon Valley, including:

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Medical and
Hospital Courier Services

A medical courier driver is a professional responsible for delivering medical supplies, equipment, samples, and/or pharmaceuticals. A medical supplies courier must follow strict regulations to ensure that all medical materials are handled properly and delivered safely and on time.

A medical courier transports medical supplies, equipment, samples, medications, and more between medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, and patients. Some medical delivery companies specialize in medical pick up and delivery service offerings, while others, like Gold Rush Express, offer a variety of courier services in addition to medical delivery transportation.

At Gold Rush Express, we require all of our drivers to be fully insured, pass a background check, and have a valid driver’s license. All medical couriers are trained on best practices for medical delivery transportation, including privacy and temperature control, and we ensure that anyone working as a courier for medical services understands and abides by both OSHA and HIPAA.

Yes, Gold Rush Express offers same day delivery of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. We provide quick and reliable same day delivery medical supplies service throughout Silicon Valley.



Yes, we can accommodate some emergency delivery requests. We are equipped to provide most hospital courier services for lab samples, medical equipment, and medications, with dry ice onsite and trained drivers who can make your delivery within a few hours. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We offer on-demand package shipping for a variety of businesses, including medical facilities and pharmacies. Whether you need a courier service for medical equipment, medical specimens, or medications, Gold Rush Express can help.

Searching For a Medical Courier Business?
Trust Gold Rush Express With Your Medical Supply Delivery Needs in Southern California

We understand the unique challenges and complexities of specialized deliveries within the healthcare industry, and we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. With Gold Rush Express, you can trust that we will deliver essential medical supplies in perfect condition right when you need them.