Gold Rush Express Delivery provides local same day courier and on demand courier service as well as letter, package and freight delivery. Local service is primarily available between nearby points in the Greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. Same day service is also available to other locations in California with prior arrangement.

Gold Rush Express provides contract service for banks, payroll companies, and other businesses that require a set pick-up and delivery schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly routes. We work with your timing schedule to accommodate your needs. Daily post office courier pick-up and delivery of mail is a service that falls under this category. Contact us to discuss your specific route needs. This is the most inexpensive type of delivery service in which Gold Rush Express Delivery has excelled during our many years of serving the banking industry.

Same Day Package Delivery On Demand – 24/7

Pre-Scheduled and Routed Delivery

Air Express Cargo Delivery Service

Freight – LTL 

Tracking with Gold Rush Express Delivery

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