Fuel Surcharge Information

All Same Day Express Shipments and Routed Shipments are subject to an adjustable fuel surcharge. This rate will be adjusted monthly as fuel fluctuates. We calculate our surcharge based upon fuel prices listed on AAA’s web site for the San Jose Metro Area. For every $0.10 the price of fuel increases our surcharge increases by 1%. AAA San Jose Metro Area Fuel

Rates and Information:

Fuel Surcharge

San Jose Metro Fuel Prices

Effective July 1, 2021

25% Fuel Surcharge
Price of Fuel $4.34


Prior Fuel Surcharges:

Effective June 1, 2021

25% Fuel Surcharge
Price of Fuel $4.26


We hope that fuel costs will begin to decrease in the near future, but we will be forced maintain a small surcharge as long as fuel prices remain high. A copy of our fuel index can be provided upon request by contacting info@goldrushexpress.com with the subject: “Request Fuel Index”.

This above listed percentage is charged based on the mileage rate and not affected by any other additional charges. See example below:

Mileage:                $100

Weight :                $10

Toll:                       $5

Wait Time:          $7

 10% Fuel:        $10 ($100 x 10%=$10)

Total Charge:     $132