General Manager & Account Manager At Gold Rush Express

Rachelle Dicker, a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience in the delivery industry, brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to her role at Gold Rush Express, a family-owned courier company founded by her grandparents and currently owned by her father, JR Dicker.

With a deep-rooted passion for the business, Rachelle has been actively involved in Gold Rush Express since childhood. Her journey began as a little girl, riding around Monterey County with her father, serving as his co-pilot and navigating their routes using physical maps and Thomas Guides. Rachelle fondly recalls, “I like to say I have been on the payroll since I was 17, but I have been working since I was small. We also used to take after-hours calls at our house, so we always had to answer the phone ‘Gold Rush Express Delivery’ in case it was a customer.” This early exposure laid the foundation for her comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations in a demanding industry.

Hands-On & Holistic Experience

Throughout her tenure at Gold Rush Express, Rachelle has held various leadership positions, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. In her current role as Accounting Manager, which she has held since January 2010, Rachelle oversees the financial department, leveraging her expertise in accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing, and accounting. She is proficient in using QuickBooks to manage the company’s financial operations effectively.

In addition to her accounting responsibilities, Rachelle has been serving as the General Manager since November 2008. In this capacity, she demonstrates her strong skills in customer service, P&L management, warehousing, strategic planning, shipping, dispatching, and LTL (Less Than Truckload) operations. Prior to her role as General Manager, Rachelle served as the Office Manager from February 2007 to November 2008, where she honed her skills in customer service, warehousing, shipping, dispatching, and LTL operations.

Committed to Growth

Rachelle’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is evident in her approach to leadership. She consistently seeks out opportunities to enhance Gold Rush Express’s services, staying attuned to industry trends and emerging technologies. By combining old-school customer service with cutting-edge solutions, Rachelle ensures that the company delivers exceptional value to its clients.

As a member of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) and the California Delivery Association, Rachelle stays up-to-date on the latest regulations and best practices in the delivery field. She has completed comprehensive training programs, including HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogen, Sexual Harassment, and STA assessments, further enhancing her expertise. Additionally, Rachelle holds a degree in Accounting from Cabrillo College and an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, providing her with a solid foundation in business principles.

Rachelle’s dedication to excellence extends beyond her role at Gold Rush Express. She has been recognized for her insights on operating a family business, having been interviewed for two articles on the subject. Most recently, Rachelle was featured by the CLDA, sharing her thoughts on the topic of employees vs. independent contractors.

Committed to the Customer

Under Rachelle’s leadership, Gold Rush Express prioritizes the safety and security of its drivers and packages. The company employs strict vetting processes, including background checks and driver’s license verification, to ensure that only qualified and reliable individuals join their team. Comprehensive training programs on secure package handling, safe driving techniques, and adherence to traffic regulations further reinforce Gold Rush Express’s commitment to safety.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Rachelle’s approach. She emphasizes clear communication, providing regular updates and notifications to customers regarding the status of their packages. Gold Rush Express leverages advanced tracking technology to monitor deliveries in real-time, enabling prompt issue resolution. Rachelle’s team is trained to handle packages with precision and accuracy, and in the rare event of an error, they take full responsibility and work diligently to rectify the situation.

“For instance,” Rachelle says. “In the medical courier service industry, time is of the essence. At Gold Rush Express, we understand the critical nature of our deliveries and the impact they have on patient care. That’s why we prioritize speed, reliability, and security in every aspect of our operations.”

With Rachelle at the helm, Gold Rush Express continues to set the standard for reliable and efficient delivery services in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley region. Her extensive experience, personalized approach, commitment to safety, and dedication to exceptional customer service have earned the company a strong reputation in the industry.