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Are you tired of spending precious time figuring out the most cost-effective and timely way to fulfill your delivery needs? Our AI-powered chat bot “Rushmore” is train with the knowledge of our wide range of delivery and logistics services, just like a member of our team. So whether you need same-day delivery, next-day delivery, or customized routes, Rushmore is here to provide expert guidance and real-time solutions, ensuring your deliveries are not just on time but also cost-efficient.

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Please help me figure out the most cost-effective way to transport lab medical records from San Jose to Oakland, CA.

Would it be more cost effective for me to hire Gold Rush Express to deliver bank deposits or to have my internal team handle the delivery?

I’ve tried outsourcing our delivery jobs in the past, but I didn’t like how much control I lost in the process? How could it be different with Gold Rush Express?

Or, if you need a short break from work, have some fun and ask “Tell me about one of your most unusual deliveries that Gold Rush Express has done!”