Limits of Liability: 
Gold Rush Express Delivery is liable for a maximum value per shipment of $100.00, unless the  Shipper declares a value in excess of $100.00 at the time the order is placed or before pick up is  made. Gold Rush Express will make an excess value transportation charge of $1.00 for each  additional $100.00 of value, or fraction of, indicated by the shipper.
In no event will Gold Rush Express be liable for more than $10,000.00 for any single shipment.

Orders must be cancelled within 15 min of being placed in order to void all charges. Order cancelled after 15 min are subject to an attempted pick up fee.

Pricing Changes:
Quoted rates may change after order is placed if the information entered is incorrect. Such as: Address, weight, vehicle required, deadlines, etc.

Pricing could also change based on extra time spent at pick up and/or delivery, attempted deliveries, address changes, etc.

Order Deadlines:
Orders placed after 12 noon will not qualify for our 5 Hour Service. Orders placed after 3 pm will not qualify for our 2 Hour Service Orders placed after 4:30 pm will only qualify for our Premium Service.

Service Definitions:

5-Hour Courier Service is available for packages ready before 12pm with a deadline of 5 pm. This service is only available for deliveries within 40 miles of San Jose.

2-Hour Courier Service is available for packages ready before 3pm with a 2-Hour deadline. Packages will be picked up within 30 minutes and delivered within 2-Hours of pick-up. This service is only available for pick-up and delivery within Santa Clara County.

Direct Courier Service is available throughout the day and is the only service available between the hours of 3pm and 4:30pm. Direct service means that Gold Rush Express Delivery will pick up the package within 30 minutes and will deliver the package direct, with no other stops. This service is also referred to as using a dedicated driver.

After Hours Service is available at a premium rate between the hours of 4:30pm and 6:59am M-F and all day Saturday and Sunday, and is usually performed by a dedicated driver.

Van Service is required when any item will not safely fit into a regular passenger car. The weight is also taken into consideration and is not limited to the size of an item.

**Pick ups that require an exact time of pick up must receive verbal confirmation that we can meet the requirement. Also, please note an additional fee will be applied for Sharp Pick Up Time. Refer to our Additional Fees Page.**